Saturday, September 4, 2010

Why I Grow My Food

One of the biggest issues that many families face is food security.

The cost of living, including the price of food, keep going higher and higher, while people's salaries do not necessarily increase to match the increased demand. And it's really stressful to face each month wondering whether your food budget is going to stretch until the next pay cheque comes in.

This is one of the major reasons I decided to develop a food garden in my home. I wanted to know that I would always eat well no matter how broke I could get. And once I started the garden, I found that growing my food allows me to save just a little bit more money than I would have otherwise. Money that I could use for other things.

I'm not a very experienced organic food gardener, though I grew up watching my grandparents, and later my fathter, growing things, and had to help. So I usually grow vegetables that are not easy to kill. You know, things that grow and thrive despite me.
I've also found that I enjoy gardening. It's a very satisfying feeling to plant something, watch it grow and mature and see it bring out a harvest that can feed a family or three.
My garden has also allowed me to be a more active citizen in my community, as I'm able to share some of my harvest to friends and neighbours. I've noticed that there are more requests for vegetables a week before payday, when many people have depleted their salaries and need to limp along until they get the next pay cheque.

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