Monday, March 19, 2012

Chickens Pecking Each Other To Death

The past weekend was a bit rough for our chicken stock. Several of them were pecking each other endlessly and eventually, one of the died on Saturday. It was hard listening to them crying out as they got pecked, and Mma says the noise kept her awake at night, which was not a good thing, as she is still in recovery after a stroke and hospital stay in January.

Anyhoo, P knows a lot about keeping chickens and what to do when they injure each other ( introduce more protein in their food, separate the injured ones etc). But I decided to do some more Google research and came across a great article on the subject. Check it out.

There were some good things happening in our small-scale chicken farming business though:
1. We had a couple of walk-in customers. We've posted a sign in the street advertising that we're selling chickens and apparently, the sign has already started attracting customers.
2. A couple of bulk orders ( 10 chickens at a time) came through.
3. P took the entrails, heads and feet packages to a squatter camp in the area to sell. The entrails, from over 200 slaughtered chickens, sold within one hour.  They brought in a decent amount of cash.

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