Monday, March 18, 2013

The Great Truck & Chicken Barter

The truck that has been sitting in one of the courtyards in the front yard is finally gone. Yaaay! God! That thing was an eyesore!

My younger brother ( the owner) kept promising to cut it up for parts, because it seemed like too much work to try to sell it to run, but somehow he kept procrastinating on it. Then one of SIL's chicken suppliers saw it and decided he wanted it. And he was willing to barter for a specific number of live chickens for it. Who knew live chickens were a good currency to buy a truck :-)

It took a lot of chicken deliveries for him to pay it off, but he finally did... and he came on Saturday to tow it away. The move made available a very nice courtyard which is covered with black slate tile. Now all I have to do is clean it up, find a bunch of large plant containers and we could have a very beautiful (and productive) container garden there, by the end of the year, and with some nice seating areas, it would be another place for us to spend outdoors when the weather is nice.

The container garden is not going to happen until Spring though, because the main garden/potager remains my main focus for this season (Autumn 2013).

All in all, it was a good weekend and the unnaturally big hunger that bugged me nearer the end of the week abated without my having to pig out. Anyhoo, meals today were OK:

Breakfast - a small pear

Lunch - small bowl of rice, meat casserole, Coke Lite
Afternoon snack - two pears, two storebought cookies with cream filling, Coke
Dinner - Another small bowl of rice, meat from casserole, potato and egg mayo salad, butternut, Coke.

Ja, I know my meals were too starchy and I needed more greens, but I was not in the mood for spinach, which is thriving in the garden, and cooking cabbage seemed like work. Maybe I'll do cabbage and pick some cauliflower for tomorrow's meals.

For more info on why I keep an occassional food journal, click here.

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