Tuesday, March 4, 2014

5 Things To Do In The Garden While Rain Is Ongoing

It's been raining for a couple of days down here and according to the weather forecast, it will continue to do so until late Thursday or Friday. Luckily it's a soft gentle rain. It's wet enough to soak the garden, but it doesn't make it uncomfortable to walk outside.

So once I was done lazying around the house and reading a newly launched ebook by a writer friend (what's rain with a book, a good cup of tea/coffee and freshly baked scones),  I got kitted up in a raincoat and went outside to see to:

1. Check the water flow in the garden/water damage. Last time we had big water damage from the water flowing through the beds. This  time we dug paths in directions water was initially inclined to travel. It helped minimise damage in the bed.

2. Stake some of the tomato bushes. They seemed to be growing very fast and I didn't want them to fall over. 

3. Pick some vegetables and herbs - I managed to cut some broccoli and cauliflower leaves and spinach to eat. I also picked marrow, onion greens, leeks, coriander, basil and parsley. The greens and herbs didn't mind my cutting them in the rain.

I also picked some mint on the way to the house.

4. Make mint tea - The mint looked very happy from the fresh infusion of rainwater and the tea was really nice. I also used some of the mint to make. I also used some of the mint and cucumber to make tzatziki,which we're having with rice and curry chicken tonight.

5. Order mulch if you don't have any. I found an mulcher for sale on OLX and we are collecting it ASAP. I want to mulch the garden as soon as possible, to make sure that it retains most of the water in the soil for the plants to use.


  1. Oh I hope you got that mulcher!! What is tzatziki? I really like to weed right after it rains.....I find it much easier.....other than the bugs! What is tzatziki? I am anxiously waiting your monthly recipe that goes with what you are gardening! :)

  2. tzatziki is a cucumber yoghurt dip that you can use as salad dressing or dip.

    you use yoghurt, cucumber, a lemon juice, olive oil, a bit of dill, garlic, mix through in a blender then add salt and pepper to taste. I love it with raw veggies as a dip, potato crisps or even as a salad dressing. Recently made a batch of potato salad with it as a dressing.

    Ja, been meaning to write down the recipes, but procrastination is a very good friend:-)