Thursday, March 20, 2014

What's Sprouting, Growing, Fruiting, Being Harvested Or Self-Seeding In My Garden This March

I did a lot of planting in February and some of the seeds have sprouted quite heavily. The Chinese cabbage is leading the pack, and I expect we will transplant most of it early next week.

Thankfully I didn't plant too many broad beans/flava beans (only around 15 bushes) but those I did are growing very happily. Time for then to go to their final bed.

 I planted a lot onions in rows on the edges of the beds. I will move of them in due course, but many of them will stay to provide protection.

 We'll thin the carrot rows as we eat them. I'm also going to transplant some peas around the carrot rows. 

Succession planting

The veggies above are some of what is sprouting from the  February batch. The March plantings are still germinating and the fast ones are just about breaking the soil. The idea is that each month I will be planting seeds even as I transplant one batch, care for another and maybe harvest from a much older crop. That way we will be able to consistently have a variety of food, instead of having a glut of one thing or another.

Seedlings that are growing and maturing

The green peppers are very odd. I bought them as seedlings and they are doing extremely well. The challenge is that they are already fruiting, even though the bushes are no bigger than my hand. I keep picking them so the poor things can spend their resources growing, not supporting peppers.

We've been eating peppers from these tiny bushes. Really weird.
 I mentioned previously that I planted around twelve fruit trees/sapplings including grapes? They are doing very well, including this grape vine and the apricot tree as shown below.


I hope that in a couple of years, the garden will supply us with enough fruit that we don't have to buy. My older sister has volunteered to show me how to care for fruit trees. She has an orchard at her own house and had a fabulous harvest this year. See the avos  she sent over today, and her tree is still packed full. yum!

The leftover summer crops
 Some summer crops are still doing very well, and fruiting.  These include pumpkins, butternut, onions, marrow, maize (I picked around 12 hobs to cook for snacking today), sweet potato vines, spinach and  cucumber.  I've been preserving the cucumers to make gerkins for the coming Spring/summer.

 The self-seeders from plants I'm allowing to go to seed are also doing well. I have 4 grown lettuce heads like the one below, and once I pick the leaves, they grow back in a week or two. Very handy for when I want to make a quick salad, as most of the lettuce crop is still sprouting.

The marrows are also still chugging along,with each bush producing one or two marrows a week. I'm freezing most of them now, to use for stews and soups in winter.

 The basil  and rocket are also self-planting very aggressively. We have the room and love the herbs, so for now I'm letting them do what they  like, though sooner rather than later I will start containing the rocket.

The parsely is also very happy. Now that the sun is out, I'm drying quite a lot of it for future use.

 The nasturtiums are also growing /self-planting in many places, usually near where I planted them last season. So it's all good.

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