Monday, February 29, 2016

My February Gardening News

Beautiful  summer garden

  • It rained quite a bit this February. Enough to make my garden a bit jungle-like. The morning glory is doing beautifully. 
  • Some of my vegetables and herbs survived the hot summer months. I have plenty of spinach and kale to see me into late Autumn. On Saturday  I was able to pick enough basil to make a huge bottle of pesto. I'm freezing some of it and the rest will go into almost every meal I make this month.
  • Moringa seeds germinated very quickly. I can now see the tiny shoots coming out. It's exciting.
  • My chickens are producing enough eggs for a daily supply for four people. My family are still unsure if they want to eat the eggs, as we have a rooster and the eggs are fertilized and would result in a chick if not picked. The thing is, when I make omelets and quiche and other eggs dishes, they can't tell the difference with store-bought eggs. So I just don't talk about using them, though I don't hide it (they know why I have chickens).
  • The garden has lots of floral corners and conversation areas dotten around her large yard
  • One of my cousins has a beautiful ornamental garden. We visited her for a family luncheon this month. The lady is much older - hard to tell, but late 60s to 70s maybe, and she takes care of the garden herself. I have a lot to learn from her garden design and plant choices, especially as she largely chooses hardy, ever-green plants that survive the winter cold and summer heat waves.
  •  We're preparing the soil for a new seed planting for the season. During the day I let the chickens out to roam in the space,  allowing them to forage there. Daily I can see the progress as their scratching softens the soil. 

    1. Damaria,your garden is looking good. Better than mine is. That is funny about the eggs. LOL!

    2. I enjoyed visiting your garden, Damaria! It's still winter where my family lives, but I'm deep in the planning stages for this year's crops!

      1. Thank you for visiting LuAnn. Good luck with your garden