Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our Small Scale Chicken Farming Operation

I've previously mentioned that my fmaily is raising chickens at home in Phokeng? Well, the first batch of broilers; is now over 6 weeks old and is ready for slaughtering and selling.

I'd forgotten how labour-intensive the chicken business can be (my father also used to raise chickens).

Raising the chickens was the easy part, except for the fact that they eat quite a lot and drink a lot of water.
Now there's a lot of activity in the house as the workers slaughter; the chickens and package them. The locals have already started buying individually and in bulk, but my sister-in-law P, who runs the business, says the real money will come from the bulk buyers who either buy the chickens live or packaged. Ideally, she'd love to land a contract to supply a restaurant/hotel with fresh chickens.

My youngest niece is not amused. She has previously not been exposed to chicken farming and I believe she would have happily lived for a long time without learning where the frozen chicken her mother buys at the supermarket came from:-)

Anyhoo, if you're in the Rustenburg./Pretoria areas and want to bulk buy some fresh chickens at very low prices (R35 per chichen for 10), email me. Like me, P commutes between the city (Pretoria) and her home here, so she can easily drop off at the location of your choice.

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