Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Food Journal

For an explanation of why I keep a food journal, read this page

So here's what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast - A handful of muesli and milk. I gave Mma the last apple - I need to go to The Food Lover's Market soon to stock up on fresh fruit and some perishables.

Lunch - Spaghetti with sauce made up of fried white onions and spring onions, baked beans and tomato gravy seasoned with herbs and some chicken stock. There was chicken and fried fish available, but I was not in the mood. Chased that with a fresh tomato while I was in the garden. Too much Coca-cola for my own good.

Fed Mma chicken casserole (home made tomato gravy with chunks of brinjals, mashed potatoes, beetroot salad and spinach. Ja, I know, Mma ate a much healthier meal than I did:-)

Dinner - Mashed potatoes, fried fish bought off a chef neighbour, baked beans and tomato relish.

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