Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Garden Plan For March

As mentioned previously, I'm going with the potager theme for my garden
Today this article provided me with a lot of inspiration for my own garden. It's an urban garden run owned by a member of parliament based in  Cape Town.

Over time, I hope to also hope to have a wide variety of vegetables and fruit as he has, and to optimise my use of space.

As for my garden plan for March, I wish I had a well-thought out plan, but so far, I've just been doing the shotgun thing. Part of it is that there seems to be so much to do and I have so few resources that planning it will put too much stress on me. So I do what I can, when I can, and we'll see where that takes us.

But the main things I want to accomplish by the end of March are:

1. Rearrange the garden beds in the main garden - Some of the beds were too skinny when when we first created the garden, and i'm now pulling them together to make one bed. That will utilise the space more effectively ( increasing production). It also frees up a lot of the bricks that we used to create the beds, which I'll use on other parts of the garden

2. Finish this round of weeding in the main garden - Does it ever end?

3. Finish transplanting the current batch of cabbage seedlings we grew from seed ( I want to have as many cabbages as possible. It's a popular vegetable at home and in the village, so it's a prime item I can sell to generate seed money).

4. Plant winter flowering  plants - So far I have seeds for sweetpeas ( climbers and bushes), African daisy, petunias, lavender (malacoides variety) and  alyssum (purple and white varieties). Today I planted some wildflowers on a patch next to the back fence.

5. Plant more veges - A friend of my nephew is supposed to provide me with roots to plant sweet potatoes. I also plan to buy garlic and potatoes primed to planting. It would be lovely to get some more vegetable varieties, but unfortunately, most supermarkets sell only the most popular vege seeds (e.g, spinach, carrots, onions etc).

6. Rearrange my herb garden  -  I need to transplant basil and thyme to patches where they can grow more freely, harvest most of the current batch of parsley and dry it. I also need to figure out what to make with my mint. Growing it was easy, but we don't seem to use it much for cooking or making drinks or  anything really.

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