Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm So Sick Of Weeds!

One of my biggest challenges as a gardener is that I'm having a tough time keeping up with the weeds. As soon as we've finished removing some from a bed, they grow show up in another bed. It's an endless battle which I seem to be losing.

So I decided to read up on the issue to find out what I can do to deal with the problem without actually spending most of my life weeding.

The most sensible advice was that I need to:

1. Grow my vegetables more closely to each other. Obviously not close enough to hinder the next plant's growth, but close enough to ensure that there is very little space between plants for weeds to grow.

2. Mulch my garden beds. The term mulch is used to refer to any kind of material or product that is placed over the soil in a garden.The materials that you can use to create mulch are grass cuttings, leaves and other garden materials. The most important thing I learnt is that if you make your own mulch, then you need to make sure that there are no leaves in it, as the leaves in your mulch will germinate in your beds. Also make sure that there are no weeds in your mulch.

One can also buy mulch from garden centres, but since I'm operating my garden on a very strict budget and really can't afford to spend much money beyond buying seeds, I will have to make my own mulch. We'll see how this works out by Spring, as I'll make and apply the mulch through the rest of autumn and winter, so by the time Spring comes, we see if we get less weeds than we did this previous Spring.

Food Police
I ate most of my meals this past week, though my eating habits were not ideal. For example, on Sunday I had two slices of toast for lunch, even though I cooked a nice lunch of rice, vegetable casserole and chicken. Once it was all cooked, it didn't look so appealing to me, though the rest of the family enjoyed it.

I have been snacking quite a bit on cucumbers that I'm picking up from the garden though. And I ate waay too much ice cream (which does not reflect very well on the nutritional value of what I do eat). I'm going to aim for more balanced meals this week.

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