Friday, April 12, 2013

Mid-Autumn Progress Report

My back is sore. spent most of the day hoeing the paths between the beds and weeding old garden beds so we can start growing in them soon.

We also planted more spinach, cabbage, carrots, turnips and beetroot. Here are pics  of how some of the beds look. Most of my focus was on newly planted/germinated seeds, not old summer beds that are on their last legs.

The day's harvest. Lots of chilli to preserve. Beans for tomorrow.

Cabbages did not transplant well. Kelebogile would not listen when I said they were too young to be moved.

Old chilli bushes still producing great harvests

We planted the carrots too closely. We'll have to try to transplant.

Nasturtiums growing in old metal bath. Going to add spinach seeds to fill it.

Peas will need support soon.

Another bed of small white beans growing nicely

Green peppers from summer crop still producing

Ornamental garden at the backyard also coming along nicely

Anyhoo, I hope that your gardening efforts are also going well.


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