Thursday, November 7, 2013

Drought and Stylish Gardening

Got the boots from Jay Jay at R199.95

The past couple of weeks were bone dry. But today it rained a little bit. We still need more rain, but at least, I now feel like we're not going to have to face a drought.

And... I'm having fun sloshing around in the wet garden with the boots above. Lovely, aren't they?

Despite the almost drought, the spinach is doing very well. I have a big enough harvest to sell and/give away a minimum of 10 bags per day, without running short.  The cash is handy: I put it in the household jar and that's what we use to buy bread (enough for breakfast and lunch sandwiches for around 7 people daily). I also get my lettuce, carrots and onions for the sandwiches from the garden. Yaay us!

I don't have a camera at the moment and my cellphone is embarrassing: I can make calls and receive SMSes, and that's about all it's capable of. But I'm planning to take more photos in 2014, so my Christmas pressie to myself is either going to be a good quality smartphone or a camera. Pity I can't do both:-)

Anyhoo, once that's sorted, I'll take  lotsa photos and post them here. Meanwhile, this is how the garden looked the past couple of months.


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