Monday, December 9, 2013

Giving Plants As Gifts - A Gift That Keeps Giving

Area needs a bit of weeding but the plant is happy!

One of the reasons I love receiving and giving plants as gifts is that they have the potential to keep on giving indefinitely.

For example, the honeysuckle that is growing happily on the boundary fence of my vegetable garden is my 2011 birthday gift from C, who is a good friend.

She also gave me a jasmine bush, which is still alive but struggling. I'm still looking for a place where it can thrive, instead of just surviving.

That year M, another good friend, gave me the plants below.


The plants have a very interesting story to tell: initially I planted them in my Joburg garden.  They thrived there.

As a result, that year (2011) I was able to give my friends P and L lavendar-planted pots as part of their Christmas gifts. P had a new puppy which dug out/ate her gift, I'm not sure which:-).

L's plant thrived. This is how it looks now.

The lavendar is just outside the sunroom attached to the kitchen

When I moved to Phokeng, my friend C moved into my house and kept up with the garden. The agapanthus in the second photo above, has been very kind to her. This summer it gave her bouquets like the one below.

As for me, the two small lavendar from M formed the basis of my lavendar bushes in Phokeng. And yeah, the yard is huge, so I have plenty of them.

And I'm still giving away plantings from them to friends, neighbours and relatives.

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