Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Missing My City Garden

Some days I miss my little garden in the city (Johannesburg).

The bushes I planted have now since matured, making it look more lush than this
My tenant also happens to be a very close friend and somehow, I've managed to infect her with the gardening bug since she moved in.

Here are some of the harvests from the garden. Some of the harvests are from seedlings which I transplanted from my Phokeng garden and shared with my friend.

Aganpanthus are flowering prolifically
I love agapanthus. They are hardy and they always make a good showing. And are a steady source of cut flowers for the house.

Red spinach is tasty!
 I'm so glad to see this red spinach doing well. It was transplanted from the Phokeng garden and clearly, the change in climate was very good for it

The carrots look just lovely. I'm so happy for my friend. Carrots are an old favourite for my Phokeng family and I always leave a fresh bowl  on the table for everyone to snack on


This lettuce crop was a complete bust in my Phokeng garden, though the same seedlings, which I sent to Joburg for my city garden, brought out this lovely salad. And I know the reason why: the unending heat in  Phokeng.

Wild poppies
  These lovely yellow poppies are hardy and make a lovely showing each year.


  1. This is very inspiring to get me to try and sort out my own mess I call a garden.

  2. I love gardening and I'm glad I can inspire someone else. But I thought you and Damian had a veg garden going back when I was near?