Monday, December 30, 2013

Growing Potatoes in Tyres

I also use tyres to grow seedlings for some of my veggies
I've finally started  growing potatoes in tyres. So far what I've done is:
  • Pick a location that will give your plants full sun.
  • Collect old tyres from the dump. If there aren't any, ask your local garage/car repair shop. They may have some and they'd be quite happy to hand them over.
  • Lay the tyres in my chosen spot. This area is sunny and near the kitchen and water tap, which  means that in theory, I should be able to water the patch any time I want without hassle.
  • Collect rich soil from an old hole where we used to dump our garbage, back when the municipality didn't collect. The area doesn't have have very good soil (mostly hard compacted clay) and t was easier to collect soil elsewhere instead of trying to dig and doctor the area soil.
  • Filled up the entire inside of the tyres with topsoil.
  • Take four seed potatoes and place them 2 inches down in the soil.

It rained quite steadily in the past couple of weeks, so I'm optimistic that the potatoes will thrive. Maybe.
The Wait

Once they plants start to grow and produce 8 inches of growth, I'm going to add another tyre to the top of  each tyre that's planted up, and hen fill the tyres with topsoil, leaving a couple inches of the top of the plant sticking out.

According to my research, I'm supposed to repeat this process with the third and fourth tyres, until I have a huge potato tower.

For new potatoes, I'm supposed to remove my potatoes 2 to 3 weeks after the plant has flowered. For mature potatoes, I'm to keep them in the ground and dig them up after the foliage has died.

We'll see how this works. Potatoes are a very important crop for my family (a big contributor to our daily meals), so I really need to get the crop right and to have a repeatable process that will keep me supplies with potatoes year-round, or close enough.

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