Thursday, December 19, 2013

Succession Planting: Harvesting Beetroot, Chilli, Carrots and Cucumber & Planting More

This week I’ve been very busy in the garden. I harvested a 10-litre container of cucumber, around 1kg of chilli peppers, a 10 litre container of carrots, another of beetroot and a enough green beans for two family meals.

We also continue to sell bags of spinach. I also planted more cucumbers, baby marrows(zucchini), spinach, onions, beetroot, chives and three packs of flower mixes. I plan to do more planting in the next couple of weeks.

My main aim in starting a garden is to produce almost 80% of our food supply. The biggest challenge making sure that we have a good supply of vegetables every week, all year.

I notice that our supply is not consistent, and we tend to go through a feast or famine situation, and I’m unhappy about that. So I’m going to plant more often/every month, so I always have things growing/ready for harvest.

Last night it rained, so today was cool enough for vegetable soup. The soup was easy to make. I used 8 whole potatoes, 2 herbed onions and 2 packs of herbed carrots from my frozen stash from the Spring crop, a teaspoon or garlic and ginger mix, dried parsley (from last summer’s crop), 1 pack of tomato paste and 2 packs of cream of mushroom soup, all boiling in 2 litres of water until the vegetables were soft, the water reduced and the mixture thickened. I added paprika for seasoning.  I used a big pot, so I had enough for lunch for everyone and I'm goin

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