Saturday, January 11, 2014

Is It Safe To Grow Veggies In Styrofoam Boxes?

Credit: Image by Going Grey and Slightly Green

Nana Chel who I "met" on the Simple Living Forum has posted a very interesting article entitled, " Is it safe to grow veggies in Styrofoam boxes?"

She says, "I know that many gardeners around Australia and possibly elsewhere in the world, grow vegetables in Styrofoam boxes especially if they are renting or don't have a lot of space to put in larger gardens. We recently saw a couple of episodes on the ABC's Gardening Australia where the boxes were made into self-watering containers. As it is very dry here in SE Queensland at the moment and we are always on the look-out for any gardening methods that will save us water, we bought some broccoli boxes from a local greengrocer to give it a try."

Check it out, and while you're there, do explore her blog. She has some very interesting gardening articles that you may find informative.

As for me, I have around 100 styroform cups that I don't really use (we don't really use disposable cups and plates when we entertain), so I had been considering using them to grow seedlings. Now I'm wondering if that's such a hot idea afterall. I'll certainly do further research on it before using the cups.

I also want to wish good luck to Student Mommy, who I "met" while she was visiting my other writing life blog, Storypot. She says she's going to plant some tester vegetables. I hope they do grow successfully, encouraging you to grow more.

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