Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Looking For Seed Potatoes

sage bush outside my kitchen
It's planting time and I want to aggressively grow potatoes. The problem is that the vendors who nornally carry seeds don't carry seed potatoes and neither do the any of the local (Rustenburg-based) nurseries that I visited today. What a bummer!

I know I could source them online, but I didn't want to go that route, as it would take too long. Urgh! That is soo frustrating!

While I was at the nurseries, I also bought a small bush of rosemary. I had a rosemary around a year ago. Unfortunately, I killed it. Not sure what I did wrong. So we try again.

I also got a small sage bush to add to the two that are thriving outside my kitchen (love the flowers), some seedlings for green peppers, spring onions and another variety of tomato.

I'm going to plant these just outside my kitchen, so I can grab them when I'm cooking and need something quickly.

Oh, and if a nursery owner from Rustenburg ends up reading this post, or if you live in the general area and know where I can get seed potatoes, please email me.  Please. I would be so grateful!

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