Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Improving Our Water Storage Capacity

I finally managed to save up to set up a stand for this 10 000 litre tank, which has been waiting for me for weeks to put it to use. The crusher sand arrived today and the builders are scheduled to come this weekend.

The tank will serve as our secondary storage facility, supporting this baby below, and will (soonish) be linked up to the borehole. Unlike our current tank, this one will only service the garden and animals.

It will be such a relief to have another water reservoir! My plan is that through the end of Spring and Summer, we attach two smaller tanks to our gutter system to harvest rainwater, maybe later add a grey water system. Once that's done I can relax knowing that we and our garden and animals will be fine through the dry patches/drought that our semi-arid region is prone to.

The rain-harvesting/grey water system that I'll put in will also mean that we increase our water capacity without increasing our operating costs, something that our borehole unfortunately  doesn't do, as it relies on electricity to run. It will also add to our growing self-reliance. So it's very important to me that I get to it sooner rather later.

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