Thursday, November 13, 2014

Have You Ever Seen An Onion This Big?

It's raining steadily and the garden is starting to look very lush. This Spring/Summer is going to be a great gardening season. But because of the rain and some writing commitments, I haven't spent much time in the garden in the past three days.

I miss it and plan to remedy the situation very soon. I always feel more centred when I spent part of day among green things. Even when I lived in the city, I had a garden when I could...

Meanwhile, one of my neighbours gave me this onion as a gift two days ago. Her garden has a bed full of onions just like this one...

Big onion gift from MmaPhasha

No, I didn't do a close focus of the veg; it's THAT big. The same size as a cabbage she gave me. I really want to know how she did it, but she's not sharing:)

Or rather, she says it was due to excellent soil care and loads of manure. Maybe she's telling the truth and I'm just being stubborn wanting there to be a miracle "growth food" for the plant.


  1. I'd take her word for it on any gardening tips she has. Wonder what kind of manure she uses?

  2. You're right :)

    She says chicken manure. She says when she first plants her garden, she digs and removes a thick layer of the top soil, lays in fully matured chicken manure and compost in the bed, then she replaces the soil, and lets it all sit for a week before planting. She plants seed, usually directly into the soil.

  3. Whatever she she uses it obviously works! What a huge onion.