Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Late Winter Update

This year's winter was much colder than we're used to, but it didn't affect the garden all that much, for which I'm grateful. The seedlings are growing well and will hopefully give a bumber crop in Spring.

Salad leaves

More salad leaves
As usual, some seeds from the previous seasons'  crops self-planted. That's one of my favourite things about garden....
We tend to plant more leafy vegetables than we can ever eat and share some with family and friends.

Lots of leafy veggies. e.g kale

Another view of the garden

The lavender flowered for the very first time.


Swiss chard


  1. Hi Damaria. So nice to 'see' you again. We have missed you on the DTE forum and often think of you and wonder how you are going. Big hugs.

  2. So nice to see your blog post show up in my email. Welcome back.

  3. Hi Denise. I'm finally back to blogging more regularly. Life is good :) I hope retirement is still treating you are well?