Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Late Spring Garden In Very Dry Weather

The chard and rape look sad, don't they? The garlic seems OK though
It's been a rough couple of months in the garden, with temperatures soaring up to mid- 40 degrees Celcius and no rain in sight.

Thankfully, I was a lazy gardener this Spring, planting mostly hardy greens that can survive long with limited water.  Some of them look a bit yellow at the moment but they'll survive until the rain comes.

 The hollyhocks were a surprise. I planted them years ago and they did not do well then. Then this Spring they showed up. But then that's par for the course in this garden - the red Swiss chard also self-seeded after seasons of failure.

Yellow hollyhock flowering beautifully
 The fruit trees have also started to fruit. The peach and apricot trees are still very young - fruiting for the second time since I planted them as seedlings - so there isn't a lot of fruit yet. But they show a lot of promise.

The mulberries did extremely well. Enough for the family to get tired of them. So far I've made two jars of jam with them and plan to make four more. The rest I'll freeze, probably to serve with ice cream or yoghurt as dessert.

Looking forward to the peaches
The heat is excellent at drying laundry though. So we're washing a lot of curtains and linen in preparation for Summer.

It's also keeping me indoors a lot more than usual. As a result, my creative outlet has been restricted to more handmade stuff  (lots and lots of crocheting) and writing.

Nephew1 is also trying his hand at making things, which is very unusual for him. This week he made this house with his daughter as part of her school project.

The house was made with ordinary boxes from the supermarket
Anyhoo, I hope that rain will come soon and I'll be able to do more summer planting. Wish me luck.

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  1. Lovely to catch up with you, Damaria. We miss you on the DTE forum and would love for you to come and say hello. That is dreadful heat you have had. We are in Spring here and it is a bad storm season this year with damage done to houses already. Hope you are travelling well.